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  Name : K Ramesh Babu    
  About Author : A Post Graduate in Economics, who has considerable experience in Business Journalism. Also had significant interest in ITeS. Willing to network and spread the inclination of writing across the globe.    
  Email ID :    
  Sex : Male    
  DOB : 20/01/67    
  Location : Chennai Tamil Nadu India      
  Phone No : 91 44 24792885      
  Mobile No : 91 80 8951167560      
  Website :      
  Occupation : Business      
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Total Articles Submitted : 49 
Total Hits for all Articles : 345302
Total Points Earned : 475
    Articles Submitted By - K Ramesh Babu  
  Sno   Title   Date
  1   Food of want; food of waste   July-7-2009
  3   Influence of Literature and History on Indian Cinema   July-7-2009
  4   Drive against Corruption: What India Perceive?   July-7-2009
  5   Finishing LTTE: Indian Security Became Vulnerable?   July-7-2009
  6   India's nuclear programme and its impact   July-7-2009
  7   Nepal: Will the new system sustain?   July-7-2009
  8   Is Inflation a part of growth strategy?   July-7-2009
  9   Dangerous Dispersion   July-7-2009
  10   Rice warns India on post pact nuke test   July-7-2009
  11   Merging bodies but diverse in diseases   July-7-2009
  12   U.S. and India Achieve Breakthrough on Key Defense Deal   July-21-2009
  13   They smile while they die   July-21-2009
  14   Right to Education Bill: A Mockery on Primary Education?   August-1-2009
  15   India: Solar as the Sustainable Energy Source?   August-2-2009
  16   Remembering Hiroshima   August-8-2009
  17   Japanese Film Festival   August-8-2009
  18   Water and its freedom to use   August-15-2009
  19   A Medival Conception will become true?   August-16-2009
  20   Reorientalism; What India gains?   August-16-2009
  21   Chronology of a Sub-Servient Force   August-16-2009
  23   African Renaissance   August-16-2009
  24   Another side of Communist China   August-17-2009
  25   Tibet: China's first Expansionist Casualty   August-17-2009
  26   Two faces of a Gentle World   August-17-2009
  27   Jahnu Barua Retrospective   August-21-2009
  28   Inflation: whether it has right solutions?   April-9-2010
  29   US Mission -India: Increase Exports, Create Jobs   April-9-2010
  30   Turkey: The Ottoman returns?   October-31-2009
  31   USIBC Green India Mission   October-26-2009
  32   Tale of 49 billionaires and below a $ for a day   April-9-2010
  33   Donohue Outlines Ideas to Indo-US Commercial Ties   April-13-2010
  34   USIBC 35th Anniversary: Krishna to address US Industry, before Strategic Dialogue   May-30-2010
  35   USIBC Launches New Educational Initiative   June-3-2010
  36   ITC's Y C Deveshwar receives Global Leadership Award   June-4-2010
  37    Why India looks at BRIC?   June-5-2010
  38   U.S. and Indian Industry Leaders Call for Renewed Vigor   June-19-2010
  39   USIBC and CII Launch Small/Medium Enterprise Initiative   June-30-2010
  40   Uncanny idea of fuel subsidies in India   July-5-2010
  41   Major India Business Summit to Feature President Obama   October-5-2010
  42   The globalized world and India�s entry into UNSC   October-13-2010
  43   USIBC Sets Agenda to Advance U.S.-India Partnership   November-2-2010
  44   USIBC Salutes Abbott Laboratories for 100 Years of Improving Healthcare in India   July-30-2010
  45   FDI flow into India: Pros and Cons   November-2-2010
  46   Urban led growth: Impacts and Solutions   November-21-2010
  47   Cancun Summit: Cunningness or Compromise?   December-12-2010
  48   Orange revolution is for Greener future?   February-3-2011
  49   On the proceedings of National Conference on Electoral and Political Reforms at Chennai   February-14-2011
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