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  Name : Harleena Singh    
  About Author : With my ten years expertise in writing, education and management, I can deliver goals and dreams into reality. Being computer savvy since many years now, I can successfully manage virtual projects with ease. I hold a Masters Degree in English Language and have many degrees under my belt. With a vast experience in creating quality content for websites as well as individual projects, I can give impeccable content that would suit your budget. The areas of my expertise being creative article writing, keyword enriched articles, blogs, re-writing articles, SEO related articles, web content writing, news releases etc. With a vast experience in management of schools, students and the educational background, I hold, I can deliver quality work within the deadlines required.    
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  Location : India      
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  Occupation : Freelance Writer      
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    Articles Submitted By - Harleena Singh  
  Sno   Title   Date
  1   Impact of Green Revolution on the Food Security of India   August-4-2009
  2   Parents Role in Education   August-1-2009
  3   Udaipur And Its Glorious Past   August-3-2009
  4   Effect of Cinema on Society   August-10-2009
  5   Swine Flu and Its Consequences   August-7-2009
  6   Education Turning Into a Business   August-8-2009
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