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Turkey: The Ottoman returns? Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : October-31-2009 Total Hits: 6426
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It is said to be one of the recent emergent of old power that influenced once entire Asia and Europe that caused a world war.


With or without its declining dictates the super power which always wanted to control the Middle East as well as the Asia, US is under dilemma whether to allow the old power to retain influence once it had with neighbors.


This is evident in the States attitude of one step forward two steps backward as seen in recent happenings. At one end it wants a moderate Islamic power to counter spread of ‘Islamic Republicanism’ and growth of Iran as stronger contender for the role of Middle East mediator.     


Turkey though poor comparatively to its other European counterparts has land and sea access and hold on Mediterranean military exercises therefore commands naturally a advantage that a super power would like to associate with.    


However, since the end of World War II it associated with west for its strategic interests. Since then its neighboring countries like Iran, Syria and Israel had several ups and downs in the past.


Recent changes in the diplomacy of Turkey after the succession of Justice and Development Party during the decade has left the West’s hold in particular the US prospects is declining.


The Prime Minister Erdohan and his moderate Islamic party stride to develop stronger relationship with Iran, Iraq and Syria even though it had closer relationship with Israel. According to the foreign policy adviser it has a four core principles i.e.engage all actors and respects the results of all democratic elections (especially Palestinian territories in 2006 and Iran in 2009), increase cultural and economic relations among countries in the region and work with regional and international organizations to increase possibilities for engagement.


Through the new alliances Ankara tries to build a strong message that it is ready to take a status of ‘emerging market’ as like India and Brazil and South Africa, in the Middle East. Secondly it sent a clear message to Israel after Erdogan walked out with a WEF joint event to be addressed along with Israel President Shimon Peres following a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It is obvious that Ankara has good working relationship with both Hamaz and Hezbollah and since having an edge in crisis settlement mechanism. It is a strategic position it will be enjoying in the near future.


Despite, in a recent visit to Tehran Erdohan met the supreme leader Ali Khamenei, a rare occurrence and honor. This is to get confirm the Nabucco pipeline project that connect both the countries and enrich Turkey’s starving oil needs. Generally it depends on Iran’s oil supplies and since despite the US pressure Ankara strides to accomplish the deal.


Complementing the Iran-Turkey trade volume worth $ 10 billion Ankara is supporting the nuclear aspirations of Iran as legitimate.  


This is much awaited support for Iran from the region. And it gives Turkey much needed opportunity to play a mediator role between the West and the rest in the region.


Apart from the new diplomacy to strengthen its economic power Turkey may also allay with US to keep abreast its interests. The recent visit to Iran now let the West confused over Ankara’s new dynamic attitude.


Hence the Ottoman’s rise let Obama to do something beyond his nice speeches. Of course, the West may not forget history, when it repeats once again!




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