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The fate of the Nobel Peace Prize Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Posted on : October-15-2009 Total Hits: 2101
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The Fate of the Nobel Peace Prize

Once again the emptiness of Nobel Peace Prize that has been constituted to honor persons of highest degree of success in their respective subject is proved. Now the Nobel consortium has announced that the US president Barrack Obama has been warded peace prize this year.

Year after year the status of the awarded person rest with rich and famous who enjoy enormous clout and known international figures who do contribute for peace or environmental concerns.

Every time the speculations for nominations create big hue and cry with following lobbying for garner the award. This is not case with this time the other nominees for the award included with other power heavy weights like Sarkozy etc.

Since the 1960s or later the peace prizes except few occasions goes to influential persons who do bit of work to keep the world rotate `peaceful’ without wars or mass conflicts that would harm development.  

 The thing is that the prize has been awarded unanimously typically and now develops some crack as   Norwegian paper claims that three out of five juries were against the award to the nine month old incumbent.

 The prize though constituted for keeping the world peace above anything else to enable the sustainable development across the regions.  However, certain leaders like Gandhi were never figured in the awardees list due to various reasons ranging according to the time and the prevalent international relations.

Comparatively speaking the prize is paid for less as against other prizes such as X-Prize which have minimum of 10 million USD, Ibrahim Prize paid annually 5 million USD for 10 and 200,000 USD then annually to good governance of  any African Country, and the World Food Prize for 250,000 USD.

But the importance of providing the Prize to Obama has some messages that underline the recessionary trend looming large across the globe.

Earlier occasions American presidents have been quoted as possible peace prize winners however never came into fruitful in reality.

Erstwhile President of USSR Michael Gorbachev received the prize for bringing down the cold war into an end with much courage and vision. Even though the super power vanished with in a couple of years its current successor CIS reaps the benefit in particular Russia entered into G-7 elite group with its ability to say and stay as a stronger contender at international affairs.

Since this the logic for the award which could not stop the war in Afghanistan or in Iraq though they are posing challenges for the President left by his predecessor in a shamble way is certainly well conceived as irrelevant.

Obama indeed humbled to receive though undeserved to get it without any visible outcome for his efforts till to date would perhaps more to deliver under pressure since been crowned as ‘world peace keeper 2009.’

Before Obama Jimmy Carter his democratic senior and who brokered several conflicts involving great efforts received the award in 2002. But he is not in a mood to appreciate his junior as it seems to be racial differences cause in favor of the President. He has said, "It took me more than 20 years of diplomatic work after my failed presidency to get my Nobel Prize," noted Carter. "President Obama is only 10 months into his failed presidency, so there's no other logical explanation."

Hence by winning the prize neither Obama nor the peace is happy. Here after we could hope that the fate of the Nobel Peace Prize rests with the US diplomacy to justify the peace efforts of their first citizen in coming days. Since it could not be otherwise as the world political-economics is not in a position to bargain seldom the hard earning precious, prosperous and progressive product ‘the peace’.










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