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Use of Bad Language Can Get You Fired Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Anohar John Posted on : October-1-2009 Total Hits: 1987
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With the economy threatening recession and people are loosing jobs on regular basis as well as not able to get new ones for their living, recently a new survey conducted states that cursing at the work space does not help your career. The survey shows that 36% of bosses have issued a formal warning, and 6% of them actually fires an employee for swearing for what had happened or done otherwise.


The persons who are using these bad languages may not be using it intensionally but some does it on a regular basis,it is used among themselves as well as done against the subordinates.


The survey conducted with more than a number executives done by The Ladders. specialists in $100k+ jobs, also identified that more than 80.% of the senior executives believes that working with a colleague who is having the temptation of using bad language in the office is unacceptable under any circumstances.



The Ladders. survey identified how much are the senior managers seriously viewed the manners and etiquette inside the office . With 98.% of the respondents believes that there is such a thing as 'etiquette in office', more than two thirds (69.%) said that they would do fire an employee for bad office manners. 82.% said that they issues official warnings for making against the personal activities which is not allowed inside the office.


When the cursing has mostly being misinterpreted by others in the work space, things can get out of control rather quickly. By the usage of the curse acts and words which may have more sexual or any other undertones at work have sometimes lead to nasty sexual harassment by way of words— based solely on a misunderstanding. is another argument against using the cursing at work. But it may be treated as a mere excuse.


The top 5 main causes for the dismissal employees breaching the office etiquettes are


Bad language (38.%)

Excessive workplace gossip (36.%)

Drinking on the job (35.%)

Leaving the office without proper intimation (33.%)

Too many personal calls (28%)


Eating someone else’s food from the fridge (97.%)

Unhygienic (95.%)

habits (88.%)

Drinking on duty (85.%)

Wastefulness with paper (82%)

Swearing (81.%)

Cooking smelly food in the office microwave (74.%)

Sneaking peaks at the BlackBerry in meetings (63.%)



Survey says that cursing makes more complicated when a person swears right and stands for the same before he is terminated, even though the employee may believe that he is being fired as the result of discrimination. The reason is that swearing at the boss often overshadows the discrimination issue in the eyes of an agency investigating the allegation and does not evoke any sympathy to make a ruling on the claim.


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