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  Author Name : Venkatesh Raman Posted on : September-11-2009 Total Hits: 1718
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Web Metrics vs. Web Analytics

Venkatesh Raman


In today’s competitive online business environment, there are two buzz words namely 1. Web Metrics and 2. Web Analytics. There is a subtle difference between the above two buzz words in the practical sense. This article elucidates those differences and its applications to a broader set of audience who has either engaged directly or indirectly in accessing the web page both for professional and personal purpose.

1. Web Metrics

The web definition of Web Metrics: “Online measures are those that are collected automatically on the web server, often in a server log file”.

In general, it is defined as the one that measures the happenings on the Internet as a whole. It focuses and tracks on the type and number of online advertisements and its effectiveness, segment of people browsing the internet, online shopping trends, and online shopping behaviors. It also measures the number of websites available, type of searches made comparably at Google/Yahoo/MSN/other search engines, the most popular websites category and sales wise, online spending on advertisements both in B2C and B2B.

The top rung companies who are operating in this space are:

·         Nielsen/Net Ratings

·         ComScore

·         TeaLeaf

·         Hitwise

·         eMarketer etc.

2. Web Analytics

The web definition of Web Analytics: Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a Web site. The use of Web analytics is said to enable a business to attract more visitors, retain or attract new customers for goods or services, or to increase the dollar volume each customer spends. In general, it showcases what happens inside a particular website.  

In any business, web analytics is a part of customer relationship management tool in which web analytics data will be integrated to take any effective business decisions. It measures and analyzes the following information regarding a specific website:

1.    Potential to repurchase the products/services

2.    Potential to revisit the same site

3.    Succeeding in attracting more visitors

4.    Path analysis i.e. how your customers reached your website either through banner ad or search engine listing or meta tags etc.

5.    Geographical spread of the visiting customers

6.    Likelihood of purchasing the most and least valuable products/service in future from the website

7.    Customizing the website for a specific set of customers

8.    Promoting specific set of products to the potential buyers

9.    Demographic analysis

10. Drill down online behaviors that help the marketers to understand the overall visitor’s online experience

11. Monitoring dollar volume spend at the time of purchase

12. Evaluating the usage of types of options available in the website such as shopping cart, contact us, downloading online brochures etc.

13. Help to determine the respective customers and competitor information

14.  Product/service wise segmentation analysis and many more.

All the above web analytics measures will help the companies to prioritize and streamline their online marketing spend and efforts. These measures can be explored further with the help of high end analytical tools for the purpose of drill down analysis and this features are supported by the leading companies like Omniture, WebTrends, Google Analytics, Coremetrics etc. and the high end analysis and results can be shown in the form of tables, PDF’s, charts and graphs.


Thus, both the web metrics and web analytics are similarly important for any organization to be successful in the online business by means of streamlining their marketing efforts. And the online efforts can be customized to the individual business needs with the help of the above vendor’s offerings.

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