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  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : August-21-2009 Total Hits: 1862
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It's a Long Way to the Sea(HKHAGOROLOI BOHU DOOR)/1995/106 m 24/08/09 6.30 p.m

A saga about an old man cheated by his son and robbed of his livelihood; somehow, he is still able to find comfort in the love of his grandson. This drama from India chronicles the tumultuous life of a simple rural ferryman who has lived all his life on the banks of a rushing river. Like his father and his grandfather before him, old Puwal makes his meager living by rowing people across the river in his ramshackle boat. He loses his livelihood when the government constructs a little bridge across the stream.    Puwal becomes even more depressed when his eldest son Hemanta, who lives with his upper-class wife and her snooty children, tries to swindle his father out of prime acreage. Though it could bring the old man a great profit from the developers who want the land, Puwal wants to keep it and pass it on to his orphaned grandson, Hkuman (a flood took the lives of his parents).

The Price Of Freedom(KUHKHAL/1998/116 m 25/08/09 6.30 p.m.

KUHKHAL (Price of freedom) is about a chain of events that led to the death penalty for that rare bread, an honest man in the state of Assam, British India,1942, a train was sabotaged, following Mahatma Gandhi’s do or die call. The congress unit at Sarupathar, a remote area in Assam, misinterpreted the Mahatma’s call for non–violent political action and decided to sabotage a train. Kuhkhal Konwar, at that time the president of that unit, understood the essence of Gandhi’s message and tried to convince his committee against such a sabotage plan. He failed and the train was sabotaged.

The Spark(FIRINGOTI)/1991/116 m 26/08/09 6.30 p.m.

Firingoti is set in the Assam of 1962. Ritu, the young widow, applies for a school teacher’s job at the education department of the State Government. She has lost her husband recently and wants a change of atmosphere to pull herself out of her depression. She gets the job in a remote village, packs her bags and goes to the inaccessible hamlet in the interior of Assam. But when she gets there she is told that there is no school. That is impossible, she tells the village headman, because she has a letter of appointment from the Education Department of the State Government which gave her the job on the retirement of the previous teacher.

It transpires that the  the school had only been existing on paper. .She takes it as a challenge, and starts her own little school under a great big tree. A native of the village  wants to know why an ‘outsider’ is given the job, why not a ‘son of the soil’

And The River Flows (POKHI)…/1999/90 m 27/08/09 6.15 p.m.

POKHI is the story of an innocent little orphan girl called Pokhi, brought up by her aunt and uncle. They live in a remote village in Assam, but when her caretakers decide to shift to the city, they leave Pokhi behind in the care of a wealthy elderly couple in the village who are childless.

The old lady is a kindlysoul whom Pokhi gets quite attached to, but the old man is a cantankerous shopkeeper who is the village moneylender as well. He is quite annoyed at this new addition to his family, and his greed makes him the most unpopular person in the village. When the kind old lady dies after an accident, the old man, Dayananda, takes the extraordinary stand that there is a curse upon Pokhi, and that, ever since she entered his house, things have been going wrong.

However, the sheer beauty of the little girl’s innocence and her protectiveness over him, gradually wins over Dayananda’s cynicism. In a sense, Pokhi causes a profound sense of self realization in the old man, and Pokhi, in return, wins acceptance in his home and finally has a sense of  belonging.

Ride On The Rainbow(KONIKAR RAMDHENU/2002/112 m 27/08/09  7/45  p.m.

Konikar Ramdhenu is the story of a childhood gone awry. A boy of about 11 called Kukoi runs away from his home in a village and works at a motor garage in the city. The owner of the garage attempts to molest Kukoi one night and the boy, in self-defence, hits the man with an iron rod killing him on the spot. The boy is produced before the court which sends him to a State Juvenile home. Kukoi is traumatised and goes into a shell. Fortunately the warden of the home is an understanding man called Biswa Boro who coaxes the boy into a cofession of the true circumstances of the painful event. He is brought before the Magistrate who orders that
He should be released from the home and taken to his parents or any guardian authorized by his parents. Biswa then makes a trip to Kukoi’s village and finds out that the boy’s mother died years ago and that the stepfather has disowned him. Biswa, who has now retired from the remand home and has no young children of his own, decides to adopt Kukoi himself.

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