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  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : August-17-2009 Total Hits: 5189
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While the country held Olympics in 2008, real problems brought out with media help exposes the country’s vulnerability to meet equal economic development.

The story about remote tribal area of Liangshan consist Yi ethnic population providing workers to the much constrained factories that are earning billions of dollars as foreign exchange. But these labourers are not aged, instead under the stipulated legal age of 16!

Poverty, negligence, drug addiction, illiteracy make these people to embrace the way shown by the middlemen who takes away half of the wages provided by the owners of the factories.

However, the wages are not equalent to the earmarked 65 cents per hour but just meager of 25 cents per hour! Around 3000 factories recently found out with 6 or 7 such cases, however, thousands are hiding behind the official statistics.

School teachers complain mass draining out of students from the classrooms drastically more than 2/3rd in recent times.

Constrained by the supply side adjustments factory owners who are in the pressure of meeting deadlines of foreign buyers, handicapped by the new stringent labour laws and soaring inflation, fast rising currency value force these people to act according to their expectations.

The region is also under the scanner for drug trafficking in the borders of Myanmar.

It is also alleged that the working hours span from 7-12 hours per day seven days per week. The law assures extra pay for extended working hours.

China’s coastal industrial prosperous region meets labour shortages. It is said labourers are not available for lower wages.

Not alone the factories employ children but also other sectors like construction too encourage under aged persons.

The other reason which is most dumbfounding is Yi people are not familiar with the official Chinese language, Mandarin. This forces to take up low paid jobs.

China always claims 100 per cent literacy in the international arena but refuted with such claims. Now it has become true that many sections in particular ethnic tribes still brought to mainstream life as other citizens enjoy.

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