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Social Issues
Why Love is a taboo in our society Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Shifa Mustafa Posted on : August-15-2009 Total Hits: 2510
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Romeo and Juliet, Lyla Majnu, Ambicavathi Amaravathi and Shah Jahan & Mumtaz are greatest love stories from the history. We have been hearing love stories from our school days. We have even enjoyed watching love stories on big screens like Titantic, You've got mail, Pretty Woman, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Tho pagal Hai and many many more.

In ancient times love and romance were not taboo issues in India. Indian art forms like literature and sculpture promoted love and romance. Kings and Emperors encouraged adorning their harems.

Kalidasa wrote three love based works ‘Shakuntla’, ‘Meghadhootam’ and Vikrama-Oorvashiyam’ still remembered for its elegance and imagination.

Khajuraho sculptures stand as a symbol for love and sex and attracts tourists across the globe. They also show serenity and diversity of the Indian culture over the centuries.

Sometimes we fantasize ourselves to have lived in that love story or to be loved that way at least for that moment.

When we enjoy reading and watching love stories, why is that real love stories arte not accepted in our society?

We have a day to express love once in a year, but we don't have the courage to express the love once in our life time. Even if we have the courage to say the love, it is not accepted in our Society. Why is that? Is it the family who wants their daughters and sons to find their love within the same religion or caste? Or is it because the family is scared of the society?

In advanced and fast moving city like ours, where we do not have time to see who our new neighbor is; when the society sees boy and girl holding hands, boy and girl sitting together, walking with hands around waists and kissing; like the normal expression among friends is mistaken for love in the society.

Does the society feel this because the love expressed within four walls earlier is now expressed in public or is it the young generation misbehaving in public in the name of love?

Expressions of love is liked by the society, when they see it on a card or on a book cover or even on big hoarding like the old wills ad (Made for each other); whereas they find it difficult to digest it as they have not seen anything like these in public in their times.

According to the society, love is a feeling that could be expressed to the one to be married and only after their marriage, where sex is also involved.
Now the society sees lot of cupids playing their mischief in the city, hence the society says taboo to LOVE.

But the society fails to understand that people like you and I form the society and they are scared to face the same society when love is expressed. Society has to understand that Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment for someone of the same sex or the opposite sex. Love could be expressed without sex too. Feel the love in you and express it, when you need to say LOVE..........

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