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Living in a Hell Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Sanjeev Raspaile Posted on : August-12-2009 Total Hits: 1856
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“May be this planet is a hell of some other planet” quoted Ardous Huxley. It is difficult to understand the undertone of this statement. Was he joking? Was he being sarcastic? Or was it just a sadistic comment of a disappointed person? We can’t be sure.

But if we look at the world around us, we can nothing but agree with him. Filth, garbage, stink, pollution, rush, queue, chaos, indiscipline, riots, atrocities, corruption, malpractices, inefficiency....... the list is endless.  We are sure living in a hell.

It is shocking to look at what we have made out of this beautiful planet. We must keep in mind that in the whole universe this is the only planet known so far to have life and capable of sustaining life. We should be happy to have taken birth on the earth and that too as humans.  But as the supreme beings on this planet, we have really messed it up!

A philosophy says that in the process of the creation of the universe, God created humans at the last and further stopped creating. He intended that we, humans will look after His splendid estate and nurture it. But now He must be repenting upon His decision. We have already spoiled His creation beyond the level He probably couldn’t even imagine!

We are playing with nature. We are cutting trees, bending rivers, chopping mountains, digging land, polluting nature, exploiting resources and killing animals. We are responsible for spoiling the ecological balance, depleting resources and endangering other species. Floods, famines and furies are the outcome of our imbalanced and insensible approach towards Mother Nature.

What about our social life? We don’t treat our fellow beings cordially. We don’t believe each other. We are sceptical. We don’t bother to offer help. We are self-centred.  We leave our elders to fend for them selves. We can’t spare time to teach proper values and wisdom to our children.

The worst of apathy is that we don’t care for the surroundings amidst which we spend most of our time. We spit, scatter and spoil all around us. We don’t bother to care for our environment. We behave as though these roads, parks, building, etc don’t belong to us. We don’t have the sense of belonging to anything around us. We just live for ourselves.

In our offices or work areas, we don’t co-operate with, help or guide our colleagues. We don’t involve ourselves in any matter that doesn’t affect our personal benefit. On the road we are out to compete and kill each other. We have left our roads unfit to walk besides. It’s mad, mad rush outside, unsafe for children, women and elder people. We are living in the concrete jungle with the hearts of steel. We are devoid of sympathy. We’ve emptied our emotions down the drain. We are insensitive. We are indifferent. We are paranoid.

The food we consume is devoid of nutrients. The air we breathe contains poisonous gases. The water we drink, which is supposed to be life-giver, is the main source of diseases these days.

As far as society is concerned, poverty is widespread, disparities are increasing. Inefficient and corrupt gets the most while hard workers and skilful are left to beg for their due. Ill-feeling for and ill-treatment to women is a norm. We are used to child marriages, caste-ism, illiteracy, malnutrition, rapes, murders, atrocities, terrorism.
Have a glance at the newspapers or news channels. They don’t give us any pleasure. While reading or watching news, we may be temporarily comfortable in our cocoons; but out there a big bad world is waiting to prey on us.
Just looking out of my window, I sure think that I am living in a hell. What do you think?

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