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Education / Human Resource
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  Author Name : Anohar John Posted on : August-12-2009 Total Hits: 3409
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The Human Resource report on Talent identification states that the strategies for the motivation as well as retaining of the major talents in the current world economic situation .The demand for the bonus payments is not at all appropriate at this point of time .Major Studies conducted in this area of subject has found out that the benefits and earning from the job leads to a greater level of job satisfaction more than by giving more job support and quality and work place improvements.

The reports gives the following guidelines.

Make a purpose: When the employees itself get to understand that they are the part of a great effort to a common goal the retention will be higher than expected, which will make a great difference in the level of retention.

Providing effective work: This means the employees are allowed to work independently so that best will be brought out from them that will be the key to this programme .

Great Ideas : The employees interest and involvement helps to create a great sense of control which helps in decision acceptance.

Self Idea : Establishing a self made target is self motivating even in a very tough environment.

Communication with trust: proper communication as well as credibility of the leaders built the trustamong the team ,Reliability of the thoughts as well as actions of leaders which are always consistent with the values brings in trust.

Goals and Development of Talent

The HR Managers are able to make great contributions if the employees are given a goal setting by universally recognized practices with a system of tracking as well as managing these activities.

In the current economic crisis the goals of employees should reflect the organizations goals also which is to make sure that all are participated to accomplish the same goal. The role of an HR Manager has grown to a greater level that they can bring productive improvements by setting a good organizational alignment which indeed influence both the company as well as employees.

Effective guidelines for goal setting:

1. Knowledge of Goals – The Top management along with the HR should plan the annual goals so that all of them can understand as well as analyze the issues.
2. Commute - The executing members will have to co-ordinate with the HR team's plans to set the goals and execute programme to full fill the same by communicating the importance to the concerned..

3. Action of goals – when the goals are decided at the higher management of the institution or company that should be implemented down to all employees.

4. Consistent approach- The Organizational goals are communicated to all organizational levels the team of the HR could support it by establishment of high standards with consistency in monitoring .

5. Accountability -The goals should be met according to maintained deadlines and all employees are accountable for the same.

6. Reinforcement – To get to the organizational goals which has been set by the concerned managers to make sure that all the employees is having skills to establish the goals by the use of plans developed as well as monitored by the HR.

7. Fill the gaps -Employees should be monitored individually by the managers to ensure the quality and standard expected .The gaps between the goals and issues should be addressed by the . HR actively by learning as well as implementing

8. Long communication -Even though the goals are set but no proper communication in this respect are followed usually but HR manager can interfere into the same by sending mails /reminders which creates a culture of corporate communication
9. Compliance - The goals of the employees and review of the process should be undertaken by the HR as well as reported to the concerned head of the departments and executives.

10. Measurable – The annual performance and appraisal is deeply dependable on the goals which is measurable and employees are held accountable for the same.


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