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Remembering Hiroshima Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : August-8-2009 Total Hits: 2109
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The World War II which first introduced weapons of mass destruction has paved way for arms race latter and stimulated a wrong notion on procuring nuclear arms to make oneself strong against their immediate rivalry.

On the 64th anniversary of the Hiroshima Day, there are threatening stark realities that endanger the mother earth more than the past.

What message Hiroshima left to the world? Rising as a Sphinx from a total destruction that never made by human beings on their enemies. Truman wanted to establish US supremacy by dropping ‘Little Boy’ on Hiroshima. That weapon of mass destruction had a message for next 50 years political history that has to be dictated from Pentagon and Oval Office.  

However, Japan, the land of Rising Sun never let down and hit hard US in terms of economic growth during 1970’s. One after one US big conglomerates started to face Japanese electronic, automobile and financial competition and share holding pattern in US corporate skewed towards the Eastern Empire. Subsequently Japan was admitted in to G7 and remained there firmly.

Hiroshima returned to the old glory of being a busy port city. Today, US face recession and distorted financial system. Asian Development Bank supported hugely by Japanese economy gives loans and credits to Asian countries, including India.

US calculation of taming Japan and China boomeranged and now tries to pull India towards adjusting imbalance. Russia already became an independent entity. It is not dancing to the tunes of US and allies. Iran’s nuclear ambition has indirect support of Russia, against US interests. In contrast India almost tries to leave Iran-Pakistan Oil Pipeline Project accepting US dictates.

What if US did not bomb Japan? Japan surrenders after being surrounded by Allies; accepts terms and conditions of US and becomes a reliable ally. Today’s politico-economic map would have been different. China and USSR would be friends and there would been red nations including India to challenge the Pacific Powers.

Of course, nothing happened and all are much happy to live-in the present condition. US economy will surge again and dollar is going to be permanent supreme currency.

However, the Asian trio India, Russia and China cannot remain in different blocs and have to play constructive role in future. Added with South Africa, Middle East, Brazil and Mexico they could play a wider role in the emerging issues of the globe.

Today US goes to every nation and requesting not to go for nuclear arms since it is a dangerous trend to be kept under control. But it has shown the way to be mighty through stockpiling nuclear arms showing USSR and now Russia as potential dangers.

Every year billions of dollars are spent on security by nations across the world. Those billions could be used for development of poor people who constitute 1/3rd of world population.

Through using a new weapon unknown to the human race till then, the US not gained much except temporary military and commercial success. On every 6th of August world media broadcasting the pictures of Hiroshima’s destruction, there by defeating anti-peace policy of regimes that fail to develop standard of living of world poor.

It is not alone the lesson we learnt from Hiroshima Day but experiencing impasse of supreme powers that shown the path for weapons of mass destructions.    

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