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Parents Role in Education Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Harleena Singh Posted on : August-1-2009 Total Hits: 2844
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While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about’ -          

Angela Schwindt


Nothing can be compared to an involved parent who helps the child to succeed in life. A little bit of willingness shown from the child’s parent can do wonders in the child’s life. A few steps taken at home can assist them enjoy their school, improve upon their homework skills, studying, and prepare for college and life there after.

Consistent back up and support of the parents in a child’s school as well as in life is crucial to sustain their sense of achievement and confidence. Parents play a very vital role in their child’s education, all through their lives. Mentioned below is a brief understanding of these roles which would enable to help your child face the challenges of life’s learning.

Role as a Friend  

We need to be close to our children. They may not be just facing problems with studies or other students at school. Perhaps they are facing problems with teachers, a bully in the fields or a particular subject. At times they just need someone to listen to them, hear to what they are saying or thinking. That someone can be no one better than you. Spend that quality time with them. If they have no one to confide into and remain bottled up it would lead to stress in their lives, which may decrease their motivation and self esteem. Listening to the concern’s of your child respectfully can be a major morale booster. If your child is taken seriously he would do the similar thing for his education.

Role as a Teacher

Everything cannot be left to the teacher, especially now a days when the classrooms are over crowded with more than 30 students in a class. Parents tend to see the larger picture: they are aware of their child’s standing last year, how far he’s come and what his weak areas are. They are constantly monitoring every potential set back as well as the developmental leaps. But the teachers see the here and now of things. They are aware of the skills the child has not mastered and their focus lies ensuring he does master them by term end. Children need that personal attention and it is our role as parents to ensure they get it. You can help them by staying in touch with their daily assignments, ongoing projects and tests. Keep aside a set time daily, where you can offer your support and help. Be enthusiastic and readily available without making the child feel that it’s a chore or routine work that you are doing for them. Keep in touch and maintain a good relationship with their teachers by meeting them frequently to update you about their progress. In case you feel that your child needs extra care, attention or help, provide them with that. It would be ideal if you can tutor your own kids or else if need be get some private tutors help.

Role as a Cheerleader

Children flourish on encouragement. A little praise is all that they need to boost their morale and help them excel in life. It is equally important to support a child who does not perform well as it is to compliment and praise them for their success. It is important to teach the children how to make something turn positive from a failure. You can assist by asking them question based on how they would feel if they failed in tasks they are good at and site examples making them feel positive about life. It will help them realize the importance of keeping on trying till they succeed.

Role as the Enforcer

As parents you need to be tough and maintain discipline at home which helps children pick up similar values in their life ahead. Besides that you need to enforce ahead by assisting your child to keep a set schedule, attain the goals and complete the task on time. You need to be strict at times with a heavy heart, but being a little firm will teach your child the importance of time management. It will give them a sense of control and avoid any kind of last minute assignment crisis.

Role as a Guide

Teach children the morals or values that are a vital part of our lives. The correct mannerism, conduct and their dealing with adults or children needs to be taught. Teach them to respect and honor their teachers and parents.

As it is rightly said that- knowledge in youth is wisdom in age, we as parents need to impart that basic knowledge to our children enabling them to become better human beings.  Just a little bit of our time, guidance and help will help them re-discover themselves.


"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves."    -  Galileo Galilei

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