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Sex and Maths in Our Times Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Posted on : July-31-2009 Total Hits: 1892
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‘Sex is like mathematics. You add the bed, subtract the cloth, divide the legs and multiply’. Thus goes an old joke. But in reality, is sex really like mathematics or any other academic subject for that matter?

In mathematics (or physics, or chemistry, etc), there are set rules, theorems, formulae. The veracity of these can be cross checked and proved. These can be applied to any given problems or occurrences to arrive at a definite solution or conclusion. These can also be applied in real life without doubting their truthiness. Will that be so with sex as an academic subject? Then why is it being pushed for inclusion in school curriculum?

It has become a trend with the socialites and literati that whatever they think as the matter of concern – whether it is traffic sense, social etiquettes, environmental concerns – they want it to be included in school curriculum. This has resulted in shifting our responsibilities as parents and citizens on the schools and increasing load of the school bags for children.

Firstly, let us think about sex education in terms of a subject. As said earlier, the scientific theorems, historical and geographical truths are same for all. The Pythagoras theorem holds true for any person applying it. Longitudes and latitudes don’t differ from person to person. The history of world wars is same for all the citizens on earth. The matter of all these subjects is same for all students irrespective of their psychological setup, social status and the school in which they are studying.

But sexual behaviour differs with each individual. Moreover it is so intricate and complex that human behaviour analysts are yet to have the complete understanding of it and are unable to derive a common theory underlying it. Then will the school students who are yet to understand their own body, psychology and emotions understand such difficult and delicate subject?

Sex related psychology, physiology and sociology are still a matter of research and unravelled curiosity at fundamental level. In sexual behaviour, these emotional, physical, and social angles are interwoven so intricately that even the researchers in this field are unable to define any systematic pattern that governs sexual life of humans. Social scientists as well have failed to understand the darker side of sex related human behaviour that results in many social crimes, disorders, behavioural changes and stigmas.

It is well known and accepted fact that sexual behaviour and mindset differs with each individual. Then will it be possible to define and design a set of theory that will be understood by all and applicable to all, especially young students?

And then, if we are not going to talk about all these aspects of sex while imparting sex education to students, won’t we be teaching mere biology? Teaching sex without understanding overall implications it has on our psychological, physical and social set up will be talking only about birds and bees. Will that solve the purpose for which we want to include ‘sex education’ in school’s syllabus? Will it anyway help adolescents and teenagers to get better understanding of their sexual fantasies vis-a-vis social facts?

Secondly, let us talk about sex as a social responsibility. Aren’t parents the right persons to talk to their children about physical needs while growing up? Aren’t they best suited to teach their wards about distinguishing between right and wrong? If we can talk openly with our sons and daughters about any topics under the sun, then why taboo sexual education? Parents know and understand that sex is like any other basic need of our body. Still we are very secretive about sex and talking about it is still a big no in many families.

But the time has changed. The advent of electronic media and other means of communication have opened many avenues for the seeker of any knowledge. Sadly enough, more negative and unreal information is being passed on to gadget guided generation without any censor.

 It is the matter of shedding the inhibitions and breaking the ice for the first time. Thereafter, probably your wards will be more comfortable talking to you and seek more ‘authenticated’ information than asking their peers who are also experimenting with their half baked knowledge about sexuality. Often the parents who can’t do so or don’t have the time and inclination for doing so, are the parents demanding its inclusion in school curriculum.

Introduction of such sensible subject in schools will certainly divert students’ attention from other subjects. To add worry to the woes, how many teachers have the knowledge, skill and temperament to teach such sensitive subjects to the delicate minds of the young students? And will the students feel free to clarify and talk about their doubts in front of their peers? Basically, school should be given with the responsibility to teach the very fundamental subjects like languages and science only.

The best way to attend to the problem will be to have sex counsellors available at schools itself. Students and their parents, guardians shall be free to approach these counsellors to clarify any doubts and seek advice whenever they feel to do so. This will help students to discuss their problems and inhibitions with the counsellor without getting noticed and it will also save them the embarrassment of talking to the parents about such matters. A drop box for queries, an informative booklet, twenty four hour toll free telephone line and availability of counsellor over the phone will ease the problem of shyness felt by the youngsters and they will be saved of causing discomfort to their teachers and parents alike.

Introducing sex education in schools is certainly not a solution to educate the society which otherwise have very pervert views about sex.

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