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How safe is trendy liposuction? Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Shail Raghuvanshi Posted on : July-30-2009 Total Hits: 2153
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With zero size being in fashion nowadays, more and more women are opting for quick fix techniques that can make them look glamorous like their favorite heroine or model. Leela Naidu, the heroine of yesteryears who passed away recently had the natural zero size figure and carried it off quite gracefully. We can’t seem to say the same of today’s heroines. But then, this is not an issue of heroines like Karina Kapur and Rakhi Sawant who either want to reduce fat in certain parts of their body or increase certain areas for glamour or for fame. The issue is about the unhealthy desire of women to get slim and smart quickly without going through the usual format of exercise and diet. Liposuction is one such popular option today.


Many women both, working and non working want to get rid of that excess flab. They have heard about cosmetic surgery, liposuction and tummy tuck but know no further. Once it is opted for, they definitely need to know what they are getting into in order to avoid physical, financial and mental problems later on.


So, what exactly is liposuction? It is a surgical procedure in which little incisions are made around the area that stores excess fat. Tubes are then inserted through these incisions and the fat is vacuumed out. Not an easy procedure. Not a painless procedure either. This can be done on different parts of your body like the chin, hips, thighs, breast, under arms etc. Tummy tuck on the other hand is the removal of excess fat only from the stomach. Here, mostly women who have gained weight during pregnancy tend to qualify for this kind of surgery.


All is fine. You are delighted about getting all that infamous fat off your unshapely body but did you know that you need to be in proper physical health to qualify for the surgery? Any person having a history of medications for ailments like anemia, epilepsy, blood pressure or heart and lung problems cannot undergo liposuction. This is because the anesthesia or other medications given during the surgery will clash with your already existing problem and could also endanger your life. Apart from it, your body needs to have good elasticity so that it does not sag after the surgery.


When asked about the pain that accompanies the post surgery period, I am curtly told, “Don’t you know beauty comes after pain!”

But at what cost is what I wish to know. Did you know that after the liposuction surgery you are bound to feel weak, suffer aches and pains, swelling, grogginess, numbness and fluid drainage from the incisions? The tummy tuck surgery has its own side effects after the operation. Be prepared for terrible discomfort for the next 24- 48 hours in order to achieve the effect you wanted, this accompanied with temporary lower back problems and puffy abdominal scars.


A lot of women are going in for silicon implants too to give the effect of fullness to the body but any kind of invasive surgery that goes against the natural law of body development is bound to come up with problems later. Many women who have gone through these surgeries find it difficult to keep going back again and again as the effect of all these surgeries is only temporary, some even resulting in permanent scars and even cancer.  But, women will be women. And if they have the time, money and the inclination then there is no stopping them in spite of all the dangerous repercussions.  Is it okay to invest in that age old desire of yours to look slim and smart risking your physical health or is it better to be safe than sorry? The choice is yours now.



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