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Women Issues
The Girl Child Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Ranbir Singh Posted on : July-25-2009 Total Hits: 1920
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The other day while I was reading a magazine, I saw a feature by an eminent columnist, wherein she has written about the mother of the present Miss India. The article carried the brief story about the lady, who was deserted by her husband for giving birth to two daughters. The lady brought up the two girls and one of them has now become Miss India. In our country and especially in the northern part of the country people are mad for the birth of a boy. Even the mother in laws shall be cursing their daughters in law as well as the newborn, in case she has given birth to a girl child. While cursing she forgets that once, she herself was a girl child at one time and from there she has grown to that age and has be come mother and mother-in-law. It is rightly said by a thinker that, women is the greatest enemy of the women.


It is a wishful thinking for every parent that they must be blessed with a son and we feel very proud to be parent or grand parent of the male child. Just think if there is no birth of the girl child then where that will lead to the society. When there will be more and more number of men and lesser number of women to marry them. Will it not be a security danger for the country? Already in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi etc., the men women ratio has great difference. The number of marriageable girls is far less than the boys and it is one of the reasons that we find in many Haryana villages ladies belonging to North Eastern States married to locals. They face many difficulties such as language, customs and it takes a long for the to adjust in the new life, which is entirely different from theirs.


What we have to bear in mind, that it is not the lady who is responsible for the birth of the male child or female child. The responsibility lies with the men, it is due to his chromosome that the birth of the child is determined and not due to the lady. This fact is not known to most of us and we put all the onus of the birth of the child on the lady, which is contrary to the facts.


The role of the women in the society is as important as that of men. She plays multifarious role in her life; she is a daughter of her parents, a beloved for her husband, a mother for her children, and a nurse in the event of any suffering in the family. In any family dispute or differences she gives solace to the family and not acts as a fuel to the fire. The tenth Sikh master, when he was baptizing the khalsas at Annandpur Sahib, his wife added sugar (Patasas) to the amrit which was to be given to the five beloved ones of the Guru. The idea was that this jaggery shall bring sweetness in their behaviors and nothing more. None of the Gurus or Avtars    have ever said any thing bad about the women, Guru Nanak has even  went to the extent and has said, ”tis manda kyon Akhiyae jis jaman Rajan”,(why say any thing bad about her who has given birth to the Kings),  then why  we all hate the birth of the girl child.


Although some of the state governments are giving incentives on the birth of the girl child yet we need some more stringent laws, which deal with the abortions or desertions of the newly born girl child. The laws should not be only for enactment but should be implemented strictly. It is hoped that only after that we shall be able to save our unborn girls.





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