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  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : July-21-2009 Total Hits: 2424
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Few years back when I was doing a piece on Mid-east terror strikes for the erstwhile there was a reference from the describing the plight of terrorists who take up assignments to attain martyrdom. However, their families receive hefty amount in compensation for the loss of life. 


In India there is a soul who tries to consol himself for the sin he committed last November in Mumbai. Yes. Finally Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab confessed to the conspiracy and attack on Mumbai. As far as the confession goes on there were few such incidents in the bloody history of sponsored terrorism in India.     


Apart from India there were several dozen terrorist suicide attacks across the world that left thousands dead.  


The factors that lead to such brutal attacks some times may be genuine; some times for revenge, some times, they seem to be counter attacks, though loss of human life persists every time including loss of property.    


The Palestine problem caused the emergence of terrorism as a means to find a solution towards the Israel dominance in the region; it became a core strategy against occupations, invasions and internal dispute across regions.


Till recent times every other day there would be suicide attacks in the Israel region by a Palestine ‘Jihadi’. US through its Iraqi occupation diverted the total energy of radical forces in the region concentrating there and reduced bombings within Israel.    


In one such crude suicide attack a terrorist impersonating as a Rabi priest bombed a bus killing dozens. Just before triggering the bomb he was seen to be smiling as quoted by an eye witness later when interviewed.  


The Palestine problem still persists and after US occupation ends in Iraq it will rise to the forefront of Mid-East politics. 


There are some socio-economic factors that add to the terrorism apart from the political reasons. Poverty, Unemployment and religious influences play a major role in the background. In order to continue regimes involve themselves with counter terrorism which drags on the clash without any solution sighted before.


In India the Kashmir dispute raised by Pakistan caused heavy loss and human hardship for over five decades. Pakistan after receiving a strategic blow from the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces is tilting its balance towards peace on one front. Admitting its past of supporting perpetrators Pakistan President Zardari confessed to the fact that its citizens were involved in the 26/11 attacks.


However, there should be a total transformation in the ideological and defence establishments to ensure non intervention in to the Kashmir dispute.  


Recent Indonesian bombings show the extending arm of Al Qaeda in the region. Few years back similar bombings in the Phuket Islands targeting Oz tourists was carried out by the radical group, a by product of Soviet occupation in Afghanistan.


There are lots of friends who promote ‘extremist’ organisations apart from Pakistan. Iran, Syria, Libya and many more countries are allegedly involved in this regard with the aid of US and its allies over the time. 


US and its allies never admitted their misconceptions on all terrorist or extremist retaliatory factors. They never tried to set them right by taking into account justice in the opposition parties’ arguments.


Until something constructive is done, the bomb blasts will continue and loss of life and property will be unavoidable.


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