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The King of Pop is Alive even in Death Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Shail Raghuvanshi Posted on : July-20-2009 Total Hits: 5046
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When Michael Jackson passed away at the ripe young age of 50 he left behind many mourners. People spread across the globe, belonging to diverse cultures, color, race, creed and profession were distressed by the fact that the moonwalker was no more. His trademark backward gliding moonwalk, his single sequined glove, his Charlie Chaplin style pants and his high pitched shrieks have been imitated by all and sundry. In fact, his status in the music world as one of the world’s greatest musical entertainers of the world has become eternal after his demise. He is now ranked in the likes of Elvis Presley. Incidentally, he even married Elvis Presley’s daughter and the world rejoiced watching two great musical families unite. Unfortunately, as is always the case with Michael Jackson, this joy was short lived too and both the families parted ways after a brief union.


One of the all time greats of the music world, Michael Jackson was greatly instrumental in uniting the ‘black and white’ cultures cementing any gap left behind by prejudice and hatred as far as race was concerned. His music united all. It is a different fact that over the years Michael himself transformed from ‘black to white’ mainly due to the skin ailment that he was suffering from. His music was charged with energy, foot tapping and innovative. No wonder, he had fans all over the world. Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Bad and Dangerous were some of his famous albums. Starting as early at the age of four Michael was a child prodigy singing and dancing with his family of brothers. His innovative and explosive talents made him confidently step out of his family group and perform solo and he was the greatest musical sensation that the world had ever known.


Like any other public personality, Michael Jackson had his share of scandals, some of them indicating that he was trying to relive the lost years of his childhood. This can be seen in the ranch that he lived in called Neverland with chimpanzees and children as his close companions and lots of toys, rides and animals. Michael Jackson was even nicknamed Wacko Jacko for his wacky sense of lifestyle. Unperturbed by everything, Michael Jackson’s extravagant and strange lifestyle ensured that he always stayed in public view. Unfortunately, not every gaze was a harmonious one as he was charged of molesting children too. He was also in great debt.


It is a pity that when he got cleared of his charges and was making a comeback that death had to strike unexpected. But, many who knew him well were not shocked as he had been hooked on to painkillers for years and his body suffered the repercussions of a ‘needled and pill stuffed body.’ Today, apart from the huge legacy that he leaves behind, he is valued at USD 500 million. This apart from three children who we now know are not his but that of his dermatologist. While a host of people fight over all that he has left behind we can only feel sad about a talent gone waste. The last time our very own A.R.Rahman had met him, Michael had wanted him to compose a ‘unity anthem’ similar to that of ‘We are the World.’ What more to say of Michael Jackson who shook the world while alive and continues to do so even in his death but quote A.R.Rahman’s tribute to him, “ Jai Ho, MJ! We love you for your music, regardless of all the controversies.”



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