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Merging bodies but diverse in diseases Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : July-7-2009 Total Hits: 23297
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A recent study of CSIR reveals that there is no genetic uniformity among castes and hence prove that purity of genetic characters that attributed towards social divisions, non-extinct.


The on the aegis of CSIR involved over 150 scientists and researchers drawn from six CSIR laboratories (IGIB, IICB, CCMB, CDRI, ITRC, IMT), Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkatta and anthropologists from various institutes of India, and The Centre for Genomic Applications, Delhi, has generated genetic information on over 4000 genetic markers from over 1000 biomedically important and pharmacogenetically relevant genes in reference populations encompassing diversity of populations from across the country.

However, this study is yet to reveal that migratory nature of various groups across India is disclosed.


The major find out of the study of the time is that Indians are vulnerable to HIV infections, because of presence of natural immunity is lacking.


Earlier, in 2002, The International HapMap Consortium initiated a program to build the next generation map of human genome at the total cost of USD100 million. To capture the extent of genomic diversity, the above study covered 45 Chinese, 45 Japanese, 90 Caucasian, and 90 African individuals. Fully realizing that 45 samples cannot represent total diversity of India, the Indian Genome Variation Consortia was launched independently to study a large number of samples (over 2000 samples drawn from 55 populations) on smaller number of highly informative markers, cost-effectively (at 1/20th cost of the HapMap Consortium).


The study has revealed also that intermingling of lineages from various racial groups. Since the isolation with other groups tribal groups are seems to hold their distinct genetic characters pure.


While divulging and discussing the features Dr. Samir Brahmachari who was instrumental in the study remembered Tagore’s piece of poetry which depicts that all the races merged into one body.


The study results would help drug makers to analyse why different results gathered after human consumption for a same drug across the country.

Indian Statistical Institute of Kolkatta plans to do a migration aspects research based on the data derived from the study.


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