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Education / Human Resource
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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : May-18-2012 Total Hits: 4089
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Ram! Ram!

Ramlal was bowing politely before his boss Kishen Kumar. Kishen Kumar had given him a list of chores to be done.  From morning, till evening, he was toiling for a meager amount. Kishen Kumar felt pity for him, because he hailed from a poor family and his parents were working as labours in the fields. Ramlal did not had any chance to do his schooling .  But he  was sincere in his work and very much loyal towards his boss. So with great efforts, Kishen Kumar persuaded Ramlal and enrolled his name in the night school for learning!  In the beginning, Ramlal was shy and was feeling bit awkward to attend the classes. Everybody from his home persuaded him and with reluctance he attended the classes. But after two months he came to office, with a beaming smile, because he was able to write his own name and he was happily writing his name in every piece of paper he could acquire! Kishen Kumar was happy to see the progress and encouraged him. Again after two months he came back to office and this time he was able to write some sentences. When ever Kishenji called him, he attended to the works, but he was not having the same interest which he had earlier.

As months rolled by, he became an expert in reading newspapers and small story books. When ever  Kishenji assigned any work to him,  he murmured and then he attended to the chores. One year passed and Ramlal was able to communicate and talk with some confidence . After the day’s work, Ramlal was discussing something serious with other people who were working with him. The following week, Kishenji, received a notice from Ramlal stating that, they have started an association and along with the letter there was a copy of the memorandum attached!

Kishenji was surprised, because he did not expect such a thing from Ramlal, his obedient servant.   Earlier  Ramlal was very eager to serve his boss and on holidays, he used to spend all his time in Kishenji’s house and with happiness, he would attend to the chores. But now, the scenario has changed. Whenever Kishenji asked him to come, he dodged and after several requests, he would make a visit. But he did not complete the chores fully, and would walk out in between , giving  some lame excuse.  

One day. Kishenji, entrusted a very important work to Ramlal, but he did rise up to the occasion. On the other hand he did some  grave mistake, and Kishenji got angry and shouted. Ramlal did not say anything and left the place quietly.

 The next day, when Kishenji entered office, he was confronted by Ramlal and some more persons from the association.  They were demanding explanation from him, for his behaviour. Further they threatened him, that they would serve a notice through their association.

Poor Kishenji.  He was speechless with tears in his eyes!

 Moral we learn from the story:

Education is a method whereby one acquires a higher grade of prejudices!   



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