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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : April-24-2012 Total Hits: 1575
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Gradation gives a helping hand!


Last week, Ragul visited Mr. Gokul’s office.  Gokulji is running his own factory in a small town for the past ten years and he is a successful businessman. With happiness, he welcomed Ragul and took him to his personal room. A lot of awards, merit certificates, medals were decorating the walls.

Amidst them, a small glass chamber was kept with four apartments. Ragul went near them and in the chambers salt, dried raisin, dried date and a small piece of walnut  were kept!

Mr.  Gokul came near him and told,” you are surprised to see them. But things in the chambers always help us to achieve success”. “How?” With eagerness Ragul asked.  Mr. Gokul Said,” this technique I learnt from my father. When ever he was stuck up with problems, he would not worry. Instead he would start grading them. Most of the problems would fall under salt category. Once you pay attention to them, they will dissolve”.” For dried raisins”? Ragul asked. Mr. Gokul told, “my father would say, some of the problems need some time. So soak them. They would imbibe some thing and swell and they would become soft. Then it would be easy to spot out the problems  and take  the necessary   steps to clear them. The third one, dried dates are little tough ones. Because some people  will have ego which would not allow them to see the real things. For those, he would follow the same procedure, but instead of water, he would soak them in hot milk. After sometime they loose their hardness and become soft. Once, you pay the attention in the right manner, people become soft like  dates leaving their hard ego behind  and the relationship would be good.  Using this technique, my father  has befriended many people , who were creating lot of problems for him. The fourth one, walnut is much tougher which needs some breaking. Perhaps   a harder hit will be helpful  to open it  up. Only at this stage, it needs some planning, so that with the proper tools, and required  number of hits, you can break the hard cover to get the nuts. In my office, I have appointed few managers to take care of the problems and I have trained them to use the above four chambers. . Once they face a problem, they will try to grade it, and most of them will be solved by them If the first man misses it, then  the second or the third gentleman would rise up to the occasion or  take charge of the situation and within a short time, things will be amicably settled to run a smooth show. Another secret lies there. Solving a problem will give a confidence to the managers so maximum problems, will be solved at their end which would be helping them to have a good exposure to deal with such kind of problems. Only the problems which actually need my attention will be brought to my notice. So the work and the personal relationships both will flourish nicely. To remind me and my employees, I keep all the things in my chamber”.


Mr. Gokul knows how to deal with problems and people connected with them. How about us? Let us do some pondering!  


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