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Drive against Corruption: What India Perceive? Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : July-7-2009 Total Hits: 4790
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Recently there are few out bursts against graft and corruption in India. The rulers had an option to get disclosed about few Indians who stashed wealth in the LTG bank of Liechtenstein facilitated by the government of Germany. However, the Government of India still has not approached through proper channel as requested by Germany.   


In December 2005, India signed the UNCAC that provide opportunity to gather information and seize money in foreign banks and ask for return of the money embezzled across borders. However, India did not ratify the convention to facilitate to take back the sources lost.


Now, the Chief Vigilance Commission has asked the government to ratify the convention. Our neighbours Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan have ratified the convention among other 140 countries.

The convention helps corrupt countries to earthen the unaccounted money stashed in foreign soils with out much formality. The Transparency International describes the convention as ‘It is the first global framework for fighting corruption and is unique in its extensiveness and detail of its provisions.

The UNCAC and the Paris Declaration commit the World Bank to ensure the full engagement of parliaments, civil society and citizens. The shift to development policy lending requires a much greater effort to ensure that political corruption does not impact on policy priorities. Actively ensuring spaces for the participation of citizens and civil society in all stages of decision-making is critical to preventing corruption.’


In May Amnesty International released the news about German governments offer to share the information on Indians who hoarded wads of currencies.   


India stands at 85th place in the 2008 report of the Transparency International. It is still plagued with administrative controls that are age old practices. The post liberalisation consumer culture and hereditary values that prompt social elite to keep their posh and pompous life style and indulge in amassing wealth through tax evasions and bribing officials to speed up works in their favour, heaps Black Economy which operate parallel to the public system.


Political parties to face tough competition from rivals and less participation of public in franchising election after election as years passing. They are forced to spend millions of rupees to get more representation in law making bodies and wield influence in the corridors of power.


An unprecedented scene of members of parliament displaying wads of currency in the house which is nothing but a demonstration of deep rooted corruption at high places.    


Another report brings out ambit inter-connection of poverty and corruption. The country still holds roughly one-third of the population under poverty and several backward areas lack even basic amenities. It is reported that last year alone people spared more than Rs 900 Crore towards bribing officials to access basic infrastructure.  


The public mindset against being taxed is not matured enough to disclose voluntarily their income when it crosses over payable limit. This is evident from increase in direct tax collection after implementing strident laws. 


Making perfect citizens as equal as seen in western countries will take time but even 60 years of independence not starting from basic education about importance of paying tax and prevention of corrupt practices at individual level is regrettable. 


Though there are continuous fights against graft, bribery and corruption going on, changes in official and private practices in respect with that does not reflect proportionately. Young India protests against corrupt and unprofessional practices but there is no mass movement in any state or national level which allows breeding of corruption evil at the cost of none other than the development of the country as a whole.   


Unless or otherwise mass vigilance comes into practice weeding out corruption across the country remains as a golden dream for ever.



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