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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : March-26-2012 Total Hits: 1485
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Accept it with Grace!

Sharmaji was  a man around forty years and he was  working in a company as an accountant. He was  a simple man and always recognized as a person with grey hair and square spectacles. In fact he was nicknamed as salt pepper because of his colour of hair. 

 Even though his friends pull his legs in a bantering way, amongst his circle, he was  always considered as a man with knowledge and reputation. When any problem pops out,  his friends always approached him to  take his  guidance.  

 In his locality, general body meeting was to be held within two weeks, and Sharmaji was busy with the preparations. With his meticulous planning, he was able to cater to the needs from A to Z as their association   has planned. The days were nearing and he was working from dawn to dusk to make it a memorable one. The general body meeting went on well and it turned out be a Dias, where his talents was given due recognition.


Everything went on well.  The association members were appreciating him and in the speech one of them told ,” From his  way of working,  new comers to this association will think Sharmaji must be a young man , but on the other hand, in spite of his grey hair, Sharmaji  has again proved that he is young man!” . All the members greeted him and one of his close   friend whispered to him, “Sharmaji, next Sunday, be ready to receive a surprise gift from us” .

But Sharmaji was little upset. All these days, he was comfortable with the grey hair. But now all of a sudden, it has become a great concern for him now. He consulted with his friends and as per their directions, he went to a beauty  parlour and paid a huge amount to dye his hair. After sometime, when he viewed his face in the mirror, he could not believe his eyes! He was looking much younger.  He walked out of the parlour jauntily , enjoying his every step.

On Sunday, Sharmaji was experiencing happiness with tension. Because some of his old friends could not recognize him. With shyness he introduced himself. Then he was waiting for his friend. Some minutes passed by. A gentleman came near him and asked, “Excuse me Sir. Can you please tell me where I can meet Mr. Sharmaji?  The association has decided to give him the post of treasurer. I have to take him in my car. From morning onwards I have been looking for a gentleman with grey hair and square spectacles. But I could not meet him. If you happen to meet him, kindly ask him to join us at the association building”.

 Sharmaji was dumbfounded.  He tried to open his mouth but tears were swelling from his eyes. With sadness he walked back home.  

 Accept aging with Grace. Because in the society,  in many  places, it is an easy way to remind  others  in a subtle manner  that your shoulders  are ready to take some credits and responsibilities with confidence!  

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