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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : March-16-2012 Total Hits: 1934
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The winning post!


Prem was seeing his favourite programme in Television. His beloved author was giving an exclusive interview. The author has written more than 200 books and he had his own fan circle. Prem also wanted to become a writer like him and he has joined part time journalism course.  Further, he has started to collect the news paper cuttings from all nook and corner about the author and already he has completed one album. He has stated the collection work for the second album.

Some months passed by. Again Prem was happy to see the interview given by his favourite author. But this time, he was not talking about books. He was narrating about an accident which he witnessed and he was highlighting the importance of blood donation and he was calling youths to join the blood donation camp organized by him. Prem was moved by his touching speech and immediately he gave his acceptance, by sending sms from his cell phone.  He roped some of his friends and all of them worked as a team andhe skipped his journalism exams as he was organizing a rally in his home town. These activities kept him busy for some time and again he had the idea to give his journalism exams and he was preparing for that.  

But this time, he got a letter from his favourite author inviting him for a symposium which will be held for three days in Delhi.  Prem was flying in colours! He was longing to see his favourite author and he did not want to miss the golden opportunity. So again he skipped his exams to attend the symposium. This time the symposium was about saving turtles, which were falling under the endangered species. With enthusiasm, Prem worked and his work was recognized and appreciated by everybody. In fact, his name was announced for the post of joint treasurer! So from day one, he organized beach walks, small competitions in schools and the work was going on full swing. Prem had a small science club in his home and he was printing pamphlets and distributing them all over the town to create an awareness amongst public about saving turtles. After some months, there was a lull in the activities. So again, he thought of pursuing his journalism exams and this time, he was firm to finish them at any cost!

As he was preparing for his exams, his door bell rang one day and he could not believe his eyes, as his favourite writer was standing before him! . In his area, local panchayat elections were to be held shortly and his favourite writer was working for a V.I.P. That’s why he has visited the  town to canvass for votes and he had come to  Prem’s house to  request his helping hand in checking the list of eligible candidates. He was happy to help his writer but again he could not write his journalism exams and his dream of becoming a writer was fading away.

Prem wanted to become a writer and he tied his goal to the writer. But every time his option changed as the writer was indulging in different fields. But on the other hand, if he could have tied his goal to the passion of writing, by this time he would   have become a famous journalist!

What we learn?

If you want to touch the winning post, avoid tying your goal to people , as their ideas will not be constant.  Be firm in your goal  and tie it  to the post of time.  Definitely, you can be the winner!

Mrs. Gayathri Balasubramanian  


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