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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : March-6-2012 Total Hits: 1452
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 Help Line! Or Hang line?


Riyaz was seriously looking at his cell phone. For the past two days, it was not working properly. He discussed with his friends and requested them to give some solutions to solve this problem. Then one of his friends, suggested that, he could register a complaint with the help line which is a  toll free number and if the date of purchase  is within the guarantee period, then easily he can replace his cell or the spare parts needed.

Then began the drama for our  hero!  He started dialing the  help line. A polite voice answered wishing him a Good morning. He started narrating his complaint with the necessary details and after noting down the model number and date of purchase, the voice politely interrupted,” Sorry Sir, My limit ends here, Please hold the line. I will transfer the call to my next  superior”.. Some music was played and finally a lady answered him. What can I do for you”?  He narrated the story and she collected all the details from him and after  some clicking sound gave him his complaint number and he was asked to note down that. And he was requested to quote that when he wants to contact them again.  He asked for the address of the authorized  service centre. The lady replied, “ sorry sir. Our weekly meeting is going on. So kindly contact us after one hour” . After an hour, he contacted the same line. Another voice answered him and he quoted the number. The voice interrupted, “ Sorry Sir, Now only my shift started and please repeat all the details and I will verify and give you the details”. So again, Riyaz started the whole procedure and after few minutes, the voice said,  Thank you for registering your complaint with us Sir. Any help I can do sir?  ” . With little irritation he asked for the details of authorized service centre. After little silence, he was given an address and  a cell number and he was reminded to quote his complaint number .

His father was watching the whole episode and from Riyaz, he collected the details and moved out of the house quietly. Riyaz contacted the authorized dealer and the operator, transferred the call to maintenance and repairs .  All the details including his  complaint number was noted down . Riyaz  was asked to give his e mail address and the phone has to be deposited in the shop before 11. 00 a.m. and within a week, the status quo will be informed over mail! But the time was already 11.30. So he has to wait for another day.

His father came inside, gave  his own cell phone to Riyaz and got his repaired phone. “Papa, only tomorrow,  we can give the cell phone for repair” .His father said, “ You don’t worry. Leave the head ache to me”.

Next day, when Riyaz was getting ready to office, his father gave him a cover and asked him to open and see it. When he opened that, Riyaz could not believe  his eyes! His cell phone was there and he checked whether it was working and it was working! He blurted out, “Papa. How is it possible? When I contacted them, they told it will take seven days. But you got it within one day” !  His papa replied, “ I think you have learnt a valuable lesson from this incident. While approaching companies with fame be smart enough to stop with the first stage. . Till you get the address of the local dealer, it will be a help line! But if pursue after that, then it becomes a hang line!  . The easy process will be made into a cumbersome one. . Because proximity and known face plays an effective role in solving the problem immediately. So after getting the details, I went to the shop, met the owner and he happens to be our neighbor.  He took  the phone and within half an hour the spare parts were changed”. ‘Thanks Papa”. Riyaz told with happiness. With a curious smile, his papa gave him a visting card  and said, “ The shop owner asked you to contact him directly in case of any problem in future! If you want to save the ordeal,   please keep it safe “ !

Moral to be learnt: If you want to solve a problem, always co relate it with the area and people where you live! It will give a good  result rather than using the help line!   

Mrs. Gayathri  Balasubramanian   


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