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Corporate cookies! Catch them young! Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-29-2012 Total Hits: 1498
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Catch them Young!

Frank was much worried about a small snag which developed all of a sudden in his machine.  He tried to use all the methods, he knew, but somehow his problem could not be resolved. He was not at peace. Immediately, he rang up his superior and informed him about the problem. He listened what Frank told and promised to send him a good person who could solve the problem. A week passed, but nothing happened. He gave a gentle reminder to his boss. But still things were not settled.  So Frank typed a letter and sent it to his superior and got a reply back, stating that the issue will be taken care at the earliest. But it was of no use.

Unfortunately, from next week onwards, monsoon rains started. Even though sheds were there, most of  the machineries got wet in the, rain. After the rains, Frank   inspected the machine and rust formation has made the matters worse! He was not able to move the lever and when he shaked it, it got  stuck and he was not able to run the other machines. So the work was brought to a halt. Some of the products were unfinished as the machineries were shut down. The dispatch section was not able to dispatch any finished products. So slowly, there was a dip in the profits. This painted a big red in the growth chart of the company , and the top level committee members were breaking their heads to resolve the issue. A team was rushed to the spot. Frank was questioned about the happenings, He replied that he has brought it to the notice of his superior immediately and he showed the letter.

Then the team , questioned his superior for which he was not able to answer properly. He was asked to put down his explanation in  paper. But he refused and with the support of his own circle of employees, he was delaying everything. Finally he was asked to quit the company and a new superior was appointed and he was quick enough to solve the issue and after setting everything alright, again the work commenced. But s there was no production, some of the staff members were changed to some other departments. The rest were  not able to claim their increments, as the profit margin was not up to the mark. So lot of changes took place . Almost it took months for them to start their work again. Work is going on.  But to bring back the company to the side of profit, all the men in the company, including fFrank  are working round the clock!

If the superior would have taken care of the small snag at the right time, then  the story would have been different! But as he allowed it to grow, it became bigger, which was hitting  the vulnerable points. This in turn gave a shake  to the pillars. As the pillars swayed, a part fell down!  


 What we learn from the story: If you spot problems, catch them when they are young! .

 If you are slow, in chasing or solving them, time, people and situation may feed them to grow  fat enough!  . Once they become fat, you need a bigger net to catch them again,!  .


All the problems you face today, were the small challenges of yesterday, which you overlooked!


Mrs. Gayathri Balasubramanian     


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