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Education / Human Resource
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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-26-2012 Total Hits: 1517
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George was very happy, because his name was recommended for his outstanding performance in computers. He was sharing this information to all his friends, relatives and to his grandmother, who was his close friend.  “Grandma,  I got the medal for my good performance”. She replied, “Oh I am very happy. Keep it up” , before she could finish, he jumped out and vanished out of the room.

After some time, his grandmother was keen on learning computer and some of the basic lessons, she took from her grandson and she was learning them regularly.  Grandson was making fun about her age, but she did not bother. Amidst her work schedule, she allotted some time to learn new the new techniques.  George was carrying on his work, every time, reiterating about his success.

In the newspaper, a computer competition was announced and George enrolled his name and he was confident that his knowledge would help  him again to bag  the first prize. On the day of the competition, his grandmother also accompanied him.  The first round of questions were easy for him. But the following rounds were bit difficult and he was not able to manage, and in the end, he lost his chance of winning. He grumbled a lot. As the number of participants were more,  another round was announced and this time, the interested  persons from the viewers  were also given a chance to take part in the competition.


George’s grandmother gave her name to take part in the competition, which George did not except! He was scolding her and shouting with her, stating that she would be spoiling his name, if she is not able to answer the questions.

But his Grandmother pacified him and started answering the questions. Two rounds of questions were over and her scores were good. The third round was rapid fire round and volley of questions were shot and with confidence, she answered them and in the end she was announced as the winner! George could not believe this ! He confirmed it again from them and with reluctance, he praised his grandmother.

The winner was asked to give a speech about their  feelings and with proud ness, she  told that George was her teacher in teaching the basic lessons. Then one of the participants asked, “Madam, then why he was not able to win the competition?”. She answered , “My grandson was stuck up with the success and he was under the impression, that the knowledge gained by him was sufficient to face any competition. But he has forgotten to carry on one important process , that is to upgrade his knowledge . And after the prize winning competition,  he was not using his knowledge  properly. But on the other hand, even though I was slow in learning the lessons, I was  noting down any piece of information I got and I was searching for different sources to increase my knowledge. Upgrading my knowledge helped me a lot . That is why I am standing before you as proud winner” .

The crowd cheered her  and amidst thunders of applause , she was awarded the prize.


Moral of the story: Human resources get depleted, when  they are not used!  

So continue the process of learning, upgrade your knowledge , as knowledge is power!

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