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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-23-2012 Total Hits: 1499
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Divide And Rule!

Once a guy named Roshan was working in a company. He was a sincere worker and he earned good name for the job done by him. So within a short span of time, he was given the new designation of team leader! For quite somebody, he enjoyed his post. He toured to lot of places , enjoyed  some of the benefits as a team leader. But to maintain the post it needs some real smartness!  

All of a sudden, some of their business clients, withdrew their contacts, some failed to pay the money. So all of the problems joined together, became a big bundle! For days together, he was sitting with the problem , thinking that he could find out the solutions. But nothing happened. He realized that, the problem was too heavy for him to handle. So he followed a clever idea.

He summoned all the employees working under him in various departments. He told them, “If we have to survive, we must find solutions to solve our problems. So  efficient people, each one from finance, business, inventory, stocks, maintenance are willing to give their ideas, we could come out of this grave situation.”

Within a week, lot of ideas poured from different areas and many were worthy  in fixing some problems. Some were helpful in solving them and some came handy in cutting down unnecessary expenses and some were used as base to have a good business deal .

So again the company was able to get the number one position . To celebrate that, a get together was arranged , in which everybody praised the timely action taken by Roshan. One of his friends asked him, “how you could get  such brilliant ideas? Roshan replied. “ It is simple. If you see the problem as a whole, you may not find out the solutions. Instead, if you divide them and pass it over to different departments, each one will view from their angle and will offer solutions to solve the problems. So I divided the bigger one into smaller ones and the job of the concerned departments are over after they give their solutions. But again after getting the solutions, my job starts. I arrange them in a way needed for the purpose! I, join them, where needed, paint them if they need some colours , trim them, if it is bit big and finally put them together in the shape needed for the company ! The job of the team leader is to offer the solution in a nut shell, and I have done that “.

That is why team leader are paid more for decorating the projects or ideas! They divide the problems, get the solutions. But as they know the trick of presenting them, again, they are ruling the show effectively!  

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