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Corporate cookies! Three Golden rules! Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-22-2012 Total Hits: 1450
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Three Golden rules!


The Hero of our story is Arun. He hails from  a middle class family and he gets a job in a big city. Before he leaves his home town, his father blesses him and talks with him for sometime and bids him a tearful farewell.

*    *     *

Now he is working in an office. As he is a shy type man, other employees used to pull his legs in a jovial way and taught him some company etiquettes to be followed.

Everyday when his boss  crossed  his table, others used to greet him a loud voice. Arun would also greet him in a little voice and sometimes if he is immersed in work, he would forget that and when he met his boss, he would greet him, discuss some matters, spend some time with his boss and then he would resume his work again.   

As his job is based on team work, he would be meeting all his colleagues many times and whenever any body helps him or guides him, he would thank them immediately.  Even his colleagues would make fun and say, “Arun the thanks given by you has all been put in a box and soon it is going to over flow!. ” Hearing these words, he would smile to himself, but he did not stop thanking them.  

All the time, solutions will not be easy to find out.  Some mistakes or blunders will pop out. At such times, when others hesitate, Arun would take up the matter with his boss, explaining his limits, if needed he would also say ,”  Sorry Sir. I will see that, this problem will not come up again “ and would work hard for it.

One day a big problem came and all the employees concerned with that,  were scolded by the boss and all were frightened to meet him. As usual Arun went inside the cabin to discuss the matter, which took a longer time! Finally he came out and told his colleagues that the issue was settled.

The story has a good twist now! Next week, the boss announced him as the new cheer leader! All his colleagues did not expect this turning and pestered him too much to reveal the secret!

Arun told, “When I left my home town, my father asked me to follow the three golden rules. First one is, when you greet somebody do it sincerely with the feeling that the day should start nicely. From the day I joined, I am doing it. Second one is thanking others, from the heart for the help done by them.. Third one is accepting the mistakes and expressing our feelings genuinely. “

The first rule has helped me to create good impression about me in our official circle,  the second one gas helped me to work as a successful team and this quality has helped  to build a good circle of friends like you.

When the big problem came, the boss banged me, but when I accepted the mistake and expressed my feelings genuinely, I was able to overcome the pitfalls, and  new ideas popped out of my brain, which helped us to solve the problem easily. “

His colleagues praised him. And next week, Arun is throwing a big party to his friends as a cheer leader!  

*     *       *

Following the three golden rules with sincerity   will always be helpful in finding  the right niche for you! Because every where people around us deserve the credits, they work for it and if give them their credits at the right time, you will be the hero!

Mrs. Gayathri Balasubramanian  


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