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Corporate cookies ! Prefix and suffix! Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-18-2012 Total Hits: 1719
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Corporate cookies!

Prefix and suffix!

One day in heaven a heated argument was going on between the angels and they were giving  points to the human souls who were guiding or molding  people to think  about god! The angels summoned the human souls and interviewed them. First came the teacher’s soul  and said, “ I taught moral instructions to students twice a week” The angel turned towards the pointer machine. It showed some numbers. The angels were not satisfied.

Next came the soul  of the preacher . “My lord, I was  a preacher in the church for 30 years and I could make some people as god fearing. “ The angel looked at the pointer, it showed some numbers with the following message. “ As the priest gave boring sermons,

some slept, some vanished from the spot  and some  were praying to god to relieve them from that ordeal! “   But the angels were not interested.

This time the soul of a government bus driver was summoned. “ I was a bus driver in  the government transport corporation. And my service was appreciated by all. “ The angels turned towards the pointer. A small light glowed with the following message . During his driving, the following people remembered God, due to his rash driving” . Then the pointer  showed a big list of names! . “Hmm. Good”, the angels appreciated him and awarded him some points. .

Then the soul of an astrologer was summoned. .”  For 60 years, I served as an astrologer” .This time a big light glowed, with the message. “ As he gave wrong predictions many times , people suffered a lot and to relieve their troubles, people were praying to god! . “ The points won by the astrologer was some what better.

Then finally came the soul of a famous surgeon. On seeing the soul, the pointer became jittery and it stopped working! Immediately God was summoned. God came and enquired

about the situation.  

The pointer politely answered, “ My lord he is the right person and he must be crowned as he is the highest scorer! “ “How and why” God asked   the pointer machine. “ Because every time a patient was laid on the operation table and when the doctor took his knife, the patient shuddered  and started praying to God”   .

God was wondering and asked the doctor’s soul. “ I created teacher, preacher and astrologer  . They were not able to succeed in their mission. But how you could achieve that?” Pat came the reply from the doctor. “ My lord, there were all putting You that is God in the first place and then fear, to make them God fearing. But it was not helpful. So I put fear in the first place and then God! You know the result! “

God was happy and granted a special boon.!  Doctor can go back to earth again to complete  his mission fully and further god asked Brahma, the creator to create more surgeons!

Moral of the story: While dealing with people and their emotions, , if suffix is not helpful in solving the problems, then go for prefix formula! Surely you can win!

Point to ponder: Fear is a quality which will  work as a  good arrester!  That is why all religions use this to stop man turning towards  evil and priests  use this to   lure more men towards their  own religion!

Mrs. Gayathri Balasubramanian.

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