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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-17-2012 Total Hits: 1538
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Trouble shooter!

Shyam and Ram are close friends and both of them are working in the same company and their portfolio is to solve the problems, that are popping out in the workshop! Being a senior person, Shyam used to work with enthusiasm and when problems loom large before them, all the time, round the clock, he will be working hard to solve the problems and to some extent Ram was following his path.  

But all the times problems will not show their heads. So at such times, Shyam used to talk in detail with the men who are operating the machines, note down the important points, snags faced by them, the details of the spare parts and all other details. This was done by him on weekly basis and in fact his colleagues called him  “walking encyclopedia “ !   

       Whenever any small problems come up, immediately he will offer solutions and he further chalked out plans to avoid such problems in future! In a nut shell, he was a sincere worker, dedicating all his knowledge towards the betterment of the company. The company was proud to have him in their pay list!

      Some months lapsed. All of a sudden, the company chucked him out, stating that his services were  no longer needed for the company! He was shocked and he did not expect such a reward from the company for which he toiled more! Ram consoled and assured him that, he would be getting good opportunities. As Shyam has left, the full responsibility fell upon the shoulders of Ram and in the beginning, he was bit nervous.

    But as days passed by, he became an expert in solving the problems. In course of time, his name was selected for the best employee of the company and his credits   were recognized in a party amidst applause! For the same function, Shyam was also invited and he was very happy to see the growth of his beloved friend! After the party, they were exchanging their ideas and sharing events from their life. Shyam asked Ram, “ How many years of service you have put in my dear?” Ram replied six years. Shyam lifted his eyebrows and said.” What six years? After two years, I was asked to go out of the company! But how come, you are surviving there for a longer time?  You are also doing the job, that was done by me earlier and for you, I have left all the guidelines and all the solutions to solve the problems. Isn’t it? “ Ram politely said, “Sir, I too accept it. But there is one  major difference, in the way of working. “ Shyam said, Yes ,  I heard you are bit slow in solving the problems . When I worked, then and there, I used to solve the problems and I created a stage where the work shop was free from problems”. Ram said politely, “Sir, that’s why you were asked to go home. If the company finds out that there are no problems, then there is no need for persons like us!  This lesson, I learnt from your way of working. So I also give solutions for the problems , but I don’t clear them all. I keep some of the problems alive, so that I can also survive in the company . Because my survival is very important for me “

When Shyam heard this reply, he was dumb found!

Moral of the story! Be a trouble shooter. But avoid shooting all the problems! Keep some of them alive to keep your life going!

A note:  Soon Ram is going a release a book  about his  success ful career  and a famous book selling company is going to support him!

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