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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-15-2012 Total Hits: 1491
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Corporate Cookies! Guru? !

This story is revolving around Raghav, who  is serving as HR   in a reputed  company with lot of employees.  His better half is a house  wife and he is blessed with  two boys. His job is  to keep the employees happy  and the company  free from troubles.  So he strived hard to meet the goal and he poured over lot of books , attended seminars, enrolled himself in many crash courses and he was able to mange the problems to some extent.   As the employees are more, sometimes problems will erupt in  new areas Raghav tried hard but sometimes , he will not be able to arrive at the solutions. On such occasions he would go  home and he would be silent. But he  was watching, how his wife was dealing with  their son and some of the clues he got from day to day incidents and he used them in office to solve his problems. 

Some months passed like this. But all of a sudden lot of problems started in his company

and he was straining his every nerve to solve the problems. His wife took pity on him and

offered some suggestions and solutions. With those ideas, he was able to solve the problems and he got good name amidst his circle.

Then the show went on like this  for some time. But again some problems started in the company. But this time, Raghav did not break his head in finding the solutions. Straight he went home. Told the problems to his wife and got solutions  He implemented the same and his success gave a boost in his career graph!

Again after some  time, new set of problems started. This time, Raghav had another idea.

First he went to a shop and purchased a mobile phone for his wife! Whenever he had any clarifications, from the office he spoke with her over phone and got the solutions then and there. He did not stop there. He was boasting about his success  to everybody who ever happened to meet him.! 

The management got bit jittery and he was asked to meet the top man immediately!

When they praised about his services and his ability,  he could not contain himself and he told them that he got new  ideas from his wife!


Next week, the  management gave him a letter of appreciation and with proud ness he hung it in his cabin!

The story did not end there! Next comes the real blow! The management called and told him that from next day onwards he will be working under a new boss and he will be under a training period for 3  months. With curiosity ,he asked,  “ May I know who he is Sir? “ Sorry it is not he, it is she and when she comes here, see that you behave your self in a polite  manner and try to get appreciation from her.”

 Next day when he entered the room and lifted his head to greet the new boss ,  he almost fainted!  Because his new corporate guru was his  wife!

Lesson to be learnt from the story: Avoid borrowing feathers, as it will not always help you to fly, unless you learn the art of flying by your self!


PUNCH LINE : In Indian government if you have  many gurus like her, there will be no place for men!  That’s  why, in India, in  parliamentary   affairs,  33%  reservation to women was/is  receiving lot of brickbats from all levels! 

Mrs. Gayathri Balasubramanian .




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