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  Author Name : Mrs.Gayathri Balasubramanian Posted on : February-13-2012 Total Hits: 1781
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Vivek was working in a company which had many branches and his job was to take care of the money transactions. So every week, he will collect all the details and will sit down on Saturday to tally the accounts. Carefully, he will start the work, but somehow in the middle, something will pop up and he will be in confusion. So he will shelve the matter for a week and will again start the work on next Saturday and at some points the problems will swell up more and again the work will come to a halt. When he was asked to submit the report, he was not able to give any answers. ! His boss was angry. He warned him and told him that within a week, the accounts must be tallied otherwise his promotions will be on stake!  He was worried and he was sharing his feelings with one of his close friends. His friend assured that he will send somebody to take care of the problem. With heavy heart he went home.


Next day, when he was working in his office, a lean man with spectacles met him, introduced himself as a person sent by his friend. To him, Vivek started telling the story. But the new comer interrupted and asked him in a polite manner, “please tell me sir, where are the areas you face the problem? “ Vivek pointed out those areas and he Vivek was immersed in his work. In between, he glanced at the new comer, and he was working seriously. Vivek was doubtful and thought the new comer would be taking weeks to complete the work. But on the contrary, within evening the new comer tallied the accounts   and kept them on the table! Vivek, could not hold his surprise and asked him who he was and how he solved the problem. In a cool voice, the new comer replied he was an auditor! “How you solved the problem sir?“ The auditor answered, “I started sorting  the problem and automatically the accounts got tallied! “


Moral of the story: If the routine method is not yielding the solution, then search for a new way to solve the problems!


Tail piece: In India, earning money is not a problem, but the success lies in your ability to retain the maximum! That is why, every company has got auditors, because, they are the people who follow the principles of mathematics to the core! They can add, subtract, multiply or divide your money! 


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