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Orange revolution is for Greener future? Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : February-3-2011 Total Hits: 22431
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Volcanoes once start to explode does not stop until all the particles removed out of its possession. It has a scientific logic of heating process on its center and emits its contents following an explosion. Before that it signals the eventuality with smokes and tremors.


Political uprisings take similar process while looks out for demanding changes that are imminent. After the fall of Soviet and Eastern bloc now it is time for long standing Islamic regimes which are alleged for systemic failures.


It all started with surprise uprising in Tunisia where the 23 years old presidency got removed and searching for a long lasting democratic alternative which can ingredient good governance.


In Egypt it all evolved due to poverty, suppressive regime and disparity in economic status. A small section is benefiting under 30 year old regime of Hosni Mubarak who is a confident alley for the US and other western powers. Besides Mubarak other rulers of neighboring of Egypt Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia faces same kind of situation.


In the post 9/11 scenario the western powers are keeping all these Islamic states amusing to counter Al-Qaeda which explores to pose itself as an alternative force with Radical Political Islam.


A central question that has to be answered is there will be systematic change of regimes across the middle east and if so what would be the new systems look like and how it will impact future politics of the region; especially Israel and influence of the western powers among the other member nations?


Since most of the Middle East involves with oil production it has to be seen what kind of impact it will make on world economic development in particular China and India among other developing countries? Secondly since the region holds major commercial transits which connect Asia with Europe and North Atlantic region besides certain portion of Africa they have become strategic hotspots let alone for the rich west but also concerned with developing south.


The immediate regime change may not be associated with sweeping changes with existing arrangements. However, the new regime may bring new policies that alter relations and thus equations through radical policies and agendas.


A predominant change that is expected by western powers is dominant role played by Islamic political organizations who are under democratic exercises and movements that influence religious ideology.


For an example Brotherhood Movement in Egypt which challenges secular credentials of the past and reinforces Islamic Sharia law in its place. Several Islamic thinkers like Al-Banna and Qutb who influenced such movements who strife for predominant role for the religion in countries where Islamic people are in majority.


Recent surge of Al-Qaeda which is immensely following the ideology of such scholars is being feared as contending with modernity and democratic values and constitutional set-up which ensure equality and development.


However, these Islamic radical political thoughts are vary in ideology and deliverance based on local conditions of each geographical division. As the Islamic world is divided over region, culture and language diversions it is uncertain that any fundamental changes would happen in short run. Islamic scholar Al-Banna argues for moderate interventions of social reforms while Qutb advocates for capture of state power. Since, the strategy gets prominent in changes which goes along with targeted or type of change that is anticipated.


Other ideologues like Mawdudi and Iqbal preach a different thought but had success in creating a nation from India and naming it as ‘Land of Pure’ (Pakistan). British in India who wanted to check Indian growth and a space to control South Asia supported the creation using all their tactics. Indian leaders who felt the disturbance of Islamic communal division which may pose a challenge to free India propagated dividing the country.


Secular governments of Arabian regions who involves with suppressive practices even to genuine demands of the subjects mitigate more freedom sense and religious fervors among them. Events in Egypt are suspected to be the handy work of fundamentalist Islamic forces as read within this backdrop. However, people demand for just regime change and free and fair polls. Contradictions found in the events and aspirations reflect the contemporariness of the crisis which may have a long term impact over other regimes as well and stand inevitable in the world that has an overdue for change since five decades ago.





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