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USIBC Sets Agenda to Advance U.S.-India Partnership Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : November-2-2010 Total Hits: 19220
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With only 5 days before Air Force One touches down in Mumbai, the U.S.-India Business Council(USIBC) has released its agenda for advancing the economic relationship between the world's largest free-market democracies, entitled Partners in Prosperity - Business Leading the Way.  The five-point agenda seeks removal of barriers to high technology trade; recommends interventions to 'grow' agriculture; seeks infrastructure collaborations, including the mobilization of new capital markets to fund India's enormous urbanization requirements; calls for educational collaboration - including vocational training, research, and K-12 schooling; and, proposes a first-of-its kind Free Trade Agreement to unleash the synergies that American and Indian industry so uniquely share - innovation and knowledge.

USIBC, as the premier business advocacy organization whose mandate it is to advance U.S.-India commercial ties, prefaces this bold agenda by making the case that it is the commercial relationship between the United States and India that has laid the foundation and made the environment ripe for what must ultimately become strategic partnership between the two countries. "It is high time we begin treating one another as genuine partners - both in terms of our strategic relationship - in defense, security, and in space, as well as in our very special knowledge partnership," said Ron Somers, President of the U.S.-India Business Council. "Business is leading the way as it should, as it always has done in pioneering the contours and pushing the envelope of this unique partnership. Look back to our recent history when we collaborated to address Y2K, to when our sound business advocacy helped lift sanctions in 1998, to our shared vigilance resisting closed borders and protectionism, to our campaign to achieve U.S.-India civil nuclear cooperation. Our aim here is to set an agenda that is forward thinking, that looks well into the coming decade. If we set our sights high, there is no doubt that, as partners, the United States and India can shape the economic destiny of the 21st Century."

USIBC is mounting the largest executive mission of U.S. business leaders ever to embark from America's shores to attend a November 6th business summit which it is organizing in Mumbai - India's financial capital - the day after India celebrates Diwali, the festival of lights. More than 200 business leaders, including those from the Fortune 200 to small and medium enterprises, will be on hand to support President Obama, the sixth-ever President to set foot on Indian soil. The President plans to address the business summit, recognizing the achievement of the business community in erecting the durable architecture that is now suitable to advance a strategic partnership between the countries. USIBC's Chairman, Terry McGraw, Chairman and CEO of The McGraw Hill Companies, will lead the executive mission onwards to New Delhi, the heart of India's democracy, where business leaders will confer with India's largest chambers of commerce, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The sheer magnitude and fire power of the business sector's presence on the ground will augment the President's message that America's partnership with India is one of the defining relationships of this century. It is hoped this will galvanize momentum to unlock stalled progress on both sides, deepen collaboration, and clinch deals that will spur job creation and opportunity for both societies.         

"This is an undertaking like no other," Ron Somers said of the mobilization underway preparing for USIBC's momentous business mission to India. "The President's visit to India will be historic. It is timely; it will spur interest and attract positive attention to the uniqueness of our relationship, and will achieve successes that will fundamentally alter - in a positive way - how we cooperate commercially and strategically as partners going forward."




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