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The globalized world and India�s entry into UNSC Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : K Ramesh Babu Posted on : October-13-2010 Total Hits: 22753
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After 19 years of time India has been elected to UNSC Non-Permanent membership with thumping 187 out of 191 General Assembly members voting in favor of it.


During last month Indian foreign affairs Minister S M Krishna was in New York for 10 days to canvass a successful bid among the members. Earlier Kazakhstan withdrew from the contest leaving India as a lone candidate in the region to the crucial position.


It is a long awaited honor for the nation as it had lost in the race for the top position of Secretary General to South Korea few years back.


However the enduring extensive reform of the world body still evading from the vision since the permanent five veto powered nations dither with their enjoyment of such special status. Though the world political-economic scenario has changed enormously over the last five decades, world powers viz., US, China and Russia have not transformed much in their attitude on the problems of the day.


Supremacy in military technology, space domination, industrial advancement and economic clout still has a role play in worldly affairs. India yet to pick up its self sufficiency in military technology as it still depends on external assistance in the area. For example Russian submarines, ships for its Navy. The US is also insisting larger defence deals with India including nuclear pact which may facilitate nuclear arsenal production. Despite the two France, Germany and Israel have larger part in Indian defence deals.


With this background India’s success in launching lunar space shuttles has been considered as a leading achievement along with producing cryogenic rockets indigenously. Now ISRO – Indian space program agency is procuring outside satellite launching business and looks out for greater share in the future.


Indian scientific advancement though lags far behind while compared with industrialized countries, yet making progress in the post liberalization period. However, allocation for R&D is yet to fill up the real demand for industrial as well as social purposes. Together with its educational allocation in particular elementary education still to be strengthened further to bridge the gap of digital divide.


As the case of India Russia in post Soviet era faces economic and social woes that hamper to become an economic giant. China without democratical institutions struggles to expose its economic prosperity to the outer world.


Since India has a brighter chance to expose itself as a larger democratic wealthy nation to surpass all other countries other than South Korea, Japan, South Africa and Brazil etc. Today’s geo-political relations decided on the basis of ‘size of potential market’ and peace with prosperity. Fortunately India by and large has the two and could negotiate a better place in the worldly affairs.

Even though the reforms are expected to take place within two years India is little bit apprehensive about the reforms since P-5 are not too much enthusiastic over the reforms. During a talk with visiting African journalists the Indian External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has told We are hopeful we will be able to carry a large number of countries with us but we have not been able to drive the same kind of conviction with the permanent members of the UNSC, but we are at it,” as reported in a newspaper. He also continued to say, The UN charter was written in 1945. We are now at the end of the first decade of the 21st century and we do not see UN reforms coming yet.” But we are also aware of the severe limitations that are imposed by the other circumstances where entrenched powers are not as enthusiastic as many developing countries,” he concluded.

Therefore the reality lies with the bargaining power combined with the powerful tools of markets, stability with democratic institutions, regional influence and stronger ‘globalized’ external relations. India has all the qualities more than other compatriots; since it has an edge in concerned coveted position in the near future.

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