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Showcasing of Indian Culture in Foreign Countries Bookmark and Share  
  Author Name : Posted on : August-28-2010 Total Hits: 5702
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It has been  the endeavour of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to showcase diverse forms of Indian dance, music and theater in other countries, and a substantial portion of ICCR’s annual budget is spent for this purpose. ICCR also coordinates events such as Indian Food Festival. Indian Film Festival, Fashion Show, Tourism Road Shows and Exhibitions of paintings and Indian antiquities being organized by other ministries/organizations in the course of a Festival of India abroad.
Apart from Festivals of India organized by the Council, ICCR gives travel grants to Intellectuals/Academicians as well as artistes to participate in conference/seminars abroad and to attend cultural events organized by other organizations abroad. The Council also regularly sends cultural troupes on tours abroad at the request of our Missions and Posts in various countries.     

 For regular tours abroad, artistes are selected on the basis of (i) requests received from our Missions/Posts for particular art forms (classical/folk/contemporary music/dance/theatre), and (ii) the Council’s own norms of empanelment and sponsorship. For Festivals of India in other countries, the Council selects only the most eminent and well-known artistes on its panel, so as to project the best of India on an occasion when India is being showcased in another country.

 Artistes are paid standard remuneration/performance fee for shows undertaken abroad on behalf of the Council, as per the norms approved by the Council’s Finance Committee. At present, the remuneration rates are as follows:

Outstanding Category
 Rs. 20,000/- per performance
Establishment Category
 Rs. 15,000/- per performance
Proficient Category
 Rs. 10,000/- per performance
Accompanists (outstanding)
 Rs. 4,000/- per performance
Accompanists (Establish)
 Rs. 3,000/- per performance
Accompanists (Proficient)
 Rs. 2,000/- per performance
Dance & Theatre groups
Outstanding groups
 Rs. 50,000/- per performance
Established groups
 Rs. 40,000/- per performance
Proficient groups
 Rs. 25,000/- per performance
Folk groups of different states
Main artistes
 Rs. 7,000/- per performance
 Rs. 1,500/- per performance
Popular groups
Bollywood, Rock Band, Jazz
 Rs. 75,000/- per performance
Fusion etc (up to 10 members)
11-25 Members
 Rs. 1,00,000/- per performance

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